85210 Campaign

Step UP and Go, 85210 is a community based program giving you 5 simple health habits to incorporate every day at home, work, school, and in your community. The ultimate goal of 85210 is to help you create a lasting lifestyle change. Other communities across the country are adopting similar programs in an attempt to lower the nationwide obesity epidemic. So, let's all Step UP and Go and make the Inland Northwest a healthier place to live. Get started with our free toolkits, nutrition and fitness resources, training programs, recipes, community events, and more!

What Do the Numbers Mean? 

 8 Icon  or more hours of sleep
 5 Icon  or more servings of fruits and vegetables
 2 Icon  hours or less of recreational screen time
 1 Icon  hour or more of physical activity
 0 Icon  sugary drinks, more water & low-fat milk

Get Started Today with These Toolkits

You don’t have to be part of a workforce or school to be involved with the 85210 movement! Challenge yourself, friends, and family to take time for better health.
See how many health habits you can adopt. 

Child Care 
Child Care providers, use this helpful resource to encourage healthy habits for the children at your facility. Find fun ways to teach youngsters about nutrition and physical activity.
Click here and get started today. 

Healthcare providers share the 85210 message with your patients; give them education and tools to use at home.
Get material for patients here. 

85210 is a tool for your company to implement healthy practices and encourage your employees to join the movement. Use it to improve your existing wellness program or start a new challenge within your company.
Get your business on board. 

Schools play an important part in establishing healthy habits that can prevent childhood obesity. This toolkit contains resources to help elementary schools implement the goals of 85210.
Start today in your classroom.

Learn More 

Click any of the links below to learn more about 85210 and how you can get involved!

85210 Promotional Materials and Flyers
Learn How to Get Involved or Join a Committee
Native American Toolkit 

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