Track your Food Intake 

Just like physical activity, the best way to make a healthy, lasting change in your diet is to track your food. See below for a list of resources for tracking your food and nutrition:

MyFitness Pal Logo  MyFitnessPal is available as an app for your smart phone or online. The app has a large database of activities to choose from as well as the capability to track your food and nutrition, and estimate calorie needs. Free.
 Fooducate Logo  Fooducate can help you lose weight, track your nutritional progress, and eat real food. You can browse foods or scan the barcode of a product. The app will also suggest healthier alternatives. Free.
 FitBit Logo  Fitbit connects with Fitbit’s line of activity trackers, as well as directly using your iPhone 5s. You can log food, water, weight, sleep, and workouts to get the full picture of your health. Set goals, view progress, and track your trends. You can even share your stats with others, to help motivate you to reach your goals faster. Free.


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 Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try these awesome sites for even more delicious and healthy dishes:

You can also go the Whole Foods section of our website to find more information and recipes for cooking with healthy foods! 

Calorie/Weight Connection 
A pound of fat is roughly equal to 3,500 Calories. Generally speaking, if you reduce your intake of calories below your maintenance calorie needs by 500 per day, by the end of a week you will burn one pound of fat reserves. After 4 weeks of consistently reducing your calories by 500 per day you should burn off 4 pounds of fat!
How do you determine your maintenance calorie needs?   
Maintenance calorie needs can be calculated using predictive equations for resting metabolic rate, then adding on energy needs for activity. The predictive part is fairly easy, but it is not easy determining exact needs for your daily activity. A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) is trained to do this and can help you figure this out if your own estimates are not working for you. A health coaching appointment with a dietitian at INHS to review caloric need and talk about nutrition and weight management is $85.00. To schedule a health coaching appointment with a dietitian call 232-8138. 





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