How To Buy Running Shoes

Information courtesy of Kris Heck, INHS Exercise Physiologist 

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Are you thinking about running or walking in Bloomsday this year? If so, now is the time to invest in a good pair of shoes. Although it is tempting to dust off a pair of athletic shoes in the back of your closet or just continue using your current pair you have had for several years, worn out or improperly fitting shoes can lead to injury. Click here to read some simple steps to make sure you get the pair you need for a great race!

  • Don’t skimp! Although a good pair of running shoes may cost $100.00 or more, the investment is worth every penny. Consider how much time and money a doctor’s visit would cost to take care of your injury.
  • Get expert advice. It is a good idea to go to a specialty running store where you can get individualized assessments of your feet and running or walking pattern.
  • Find your true size. Over time our feet change, so having your feet measured is especially important. You may want to have your feet measured in the afternoon or evening when they are usually at their biggest. When you have on your new shoes, make sure you are wearing the socks you will be running in. There should be at least a half inch of space between the end of your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. Try running around the store or on their treadmill to make sure you have the proper fit.
  • Rotate shoes. Running shoes should be replaced every 300 to 500 miles. Log your training miles!
  • Shop for function. Find the shoes that will be best for your feet and running gait. Don’t buy your shoes based on color, trend, or bargain price!

To learn more about selecting the right shoes, creating a Bloomsday Training Plan, or for expert advice on physical fitness tailored exactly to your needs, set up a 1-on-1 health coaching appointment with Kris!

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