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Let’s Cook Whole Foods for Healthy Kids (LCWF) provides resources for  childcare facility cooks  to prepare kid-friendly, whole foods efficiently while keeping costs down.  This program focuses on whole grains, legumes, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as using spices and presentation to enhance flavor and taste expectations while preserving the nutrition in whole foods. Additional resources include cost saving strategies and organization skills to support these whole food practices.

Child care centers can make a big difference in creating healthy child care environments and help address childhood obesity and chronic disease.  Cooks in early learning settings play a critical role in creating quality childcare environments, teaching healthy eating habits and helping children get off to a healthy start.

Let’s Cook Whole Foods was developed with funding from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as part of a six county program in Eastern Washington called Start Healthy. Start Now. The curriculum and resources were created by Spokane Regional Health District and informed by Child and Adult Food Care Program (USDA) and Chef Sunwold (Spokane Community Colleges).

How are you Doing? 
Determine where your childcare center is on the whole foods scale by taking a short quiz
           Whole Foods Menu Assessment 

Cook's Connection
    A childcare networking group designed to share successes, ideas, challenges, try new recipes and anything else that interests you! You get support and technical assistance in preparing new, whole and healthy foods including 100% whole grains, legumes (peas, beans and lentils), fresh fruit and vegetables a variety of ways. 
For more information and to find out about meetings contact Kassa Brock at kbrock@ymcaspokane.org. 

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Whole Foods- Burritos   

Delicious & Easy recipes that Kids love!
  Corny Salad   Silly Fruit 
  Cowboy Vegetable Chili   Super Hero Rice 
  Fiesta Salad   Sweet Potato Dip 
  Fruity Tooty Banana Split           Vegetable Stock 
  Peach Dream Breakfast   Veggies on the Beach 
  Rainbow Salad   
                                                   Additional Resources: 
                                                          Recipe Conversion - For either Increasing or Decreasing the size of your recipe portions 
                                                          What's Cooking: USDA Mixing Bowl 
                                                          Lots of Cookbooks, Household Recipes, Recipe Tools & More! 
                                                          Fruit and Veggie Quantity Cookbook 
                                                          Recipes for Healthy Kids: Cookbooks for Childcare Centers and Schools 
                                                          From the USDA, recipes that feature foods both children and adults should consume more of. 

                                                    Additional Resources:   
                                                           Smart Shopping: A Grocery Store Tour  
                                                           Provides a framework to implement guided grocery tours for WIC clients and people in the community.
                                                           Healthy Eating on a Budget - ChooseMyPlate.gov 
                                                           The 3 P's - Plan, Purchase, and Prepare Food on a Budget. 

Whole Foods- Prep        


    Food Labels, picky eaters, stocking the pantry, and more!  
      Healthy Eating Best Practice and Policy Ideas  Children's Books about Food 
      Whole Foods SMART Goal Sheet & Action Plan  Food Safety Facts 
      Food Inventory Sample Sheet  Whole Foods Pantry List  
      How to Properly Sharpen a Knife  Understanding Food Labels 

Whole Foods- Checklist         

         Healthy Eating Policy Assessment 
         Model Policies for Healthy Eating in Childcare 
         Policy Action Worksheet 
         Why do you Need Healthy Eating Policies?  
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