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Have you been on the website Pinterest before? If not, your in for a treat! 

First of all; what is Pinterest?

  • Pinterest is a free website that requires registration to use. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images - known as pins - and other media content (e.g., videos and images) through collections known as pinboards. 
  • Users can save individual pins to one of their boards using the "Pin It" button, with Pinboards typically organized by a central topic or theme. Essentially, it acts as a virtual bulletin board for things you would like to save; pictures, recipes, websites, articles, clothing items you want to purchase (a "wish list" of things you wish you could purchase!), ideas on how to decorate, etc. 

A few things you can do on Pinterest:

  • Clicking on the "Pin It" button to post the image, and any weblinks attached to it, onto a "Pinboard" of your own
  • Clicking the "Like" button doesn't attach that image to a board, but puts it in a category of Likes. You can find these again by going to your profile and it will have a list on the top, (Boards, Pins, Likes, Followers, Following) that you can view. 
  • This site can link with your other Social Media accounts, such as Facebook. You can find your friends from Facebook on Pinterest, if they have an account that is also linked. You can follow their 'Pinboards', and they can follow yours.
  • You can send a 'Pin' to someone else. Click on the "Send" button on the top and you can share the Pin with another Pinterest user, along with a message. 

There are of course things to be cautious about, with any media platform you use on the internet. Pinterest works hard at keeping the images safe from scams and unappropriate objects or topics. However, there are the handful that get through, so just make sure you are careful. For example; Scam images that may come up often try to get you to click on the website that is linked with that image by offering incentives such as gift cards or free products. Don't fall for these! Just ignore it, or report it. If you come across an image that is inappropriate, there is a  small image of a flag on the bottom corner of the 'Pin'. When you click on this you are able to 'Report Pin', and let them know why you are reporting it.

There is much more you can do on Pinterest. Play around with it, and create one of a kind 'Pinboards' of your own! Don't forget to follow Step UP and Go's Pinterest Board. We share a lot of fun things, like healthy recipes, at home workouts, fun facts about food, positive motivation and there will be lots more to come. 

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